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True Story:

At the height of World War II, in 1942, the British Navy had a sudden breakdown in radio communications. The British became convinced that it was a German trick. It turned out to be disturbances caused by sunspots over 93 million miles away.

Learn the true story of Black Hawk Down from the Amazon Video Store.

Lasers light way to 3-D imaging in Purdue lab.

Jefferson Lab experiments shed light on proton spin mystery.

Cosmos Collector's Edition Boxed set
Carl Sagan's COSMOS is one of the most influential science programs ever made.

Rael Movement site: For the past 29 years, the International Raelian Movement has been actively involved in spreading the revolutionary idea that life originated from an Extraterrestrial intelligence.

Did You Know?

There is enough energy locked up in 2 M&M's to blast the Space Shuttle into orbit.

Every 11 years magnetic storms on the sun bombard the earth with charged particles showers.

Last update: June 20, 2003

WELCOME to! covering biology, biographies, animals, physics, chemistry, human body, science projects, environment, quantum mechanics, math, and technology. Discover people behind advancements in modern science, who were, and still are ordinary people. They had childhoods, classes they failed, and classes in which they succeeded, but more importantly, they followed their dreams. Read biographies on famous, not-so-famous, and future-famous names contributing to science. Do you have a dream? Follow it! Have fun and have a great day!

First Contact: She was late this morning. It's amazing that when you're a child and you really have no concept of time that you can tell when something does not happen at its usual time. Whatever, she was late this morning.

Polar bear headed for extinction, says University of Alberta scientist

Endangered Northern Right Whales Exposed to Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning

Eyes on the Skies

Photographer: Harald Richter
Credit: NOAA Photo Library, NOAA Central Library; OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)

Dancing molecules on the make.

Computer program reveals optimum microstructure for new materials.

These images show shapes that a computer program found as the optimum structure for a composite material that conducts both heat and electricity.

Mathematical prediction of on-off switches in cell division proven.

2,000+ brown recluse spiders in a Kansas home and no bites, UC Riverside study notes : Doctors often misdiagnose skin lesions as brown recluse bites.

Featured: Texas high school students are prepared for science of the future
Featured: Revolutionary new theory for origins of life on Earth
Quantum computing making 'tremendous progress'
Featured Biography: RaŽl - Spiritual Leader of the International Raelian Movement
Featured Article: Sound waves to chill ice cream in new freezer case concept
Featured Article:
Age secrets of little worm (C. elegans is found naturally in the soil)

Welcome to The Pitch -
Current pitcher: The Raelian Movement
Game: Raelian Movement supports ID Theory
Throws: 1

The Raelian Movement supports the Intelligent Design Movement and their attempt to promote the teaching of ID theory within science classes. You may contact Donna Newman by sending your comments and thoughts to, or visit the Raelian Movement's web site.

     "Is my world really the same as yours? Is there one real world to be distinguished from its pictures introjected by way of perception into every one of us? And if so, are these pictures like unto the real world or is the latter, the world 'in itself' perhaps very different from the one we perceive?

     Such questions are ingenious, but in my opinion very apt to confuse the issue. They have no adequate answers."

~~Erwin Schrodinger~~



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